Friday, September 26, 2008



Today is my sis birthday.. I called her at night but couldn't get through.. So I left her a sms wishing her "Happy Birthday sis!".. After few hours she replied me " thanz bro! i just after futsal".. Haih~.. Your birthday also celebrate by playing futsal.. Every where every time futsal.. haha.. Anyways "Happy 18th Birthday!!!.." May God bless you lot lot.. I no need to say, conform you're having fun there.. See ya in JB soon.. I belanja makan enough dy kan.. :P

My cool sister..
Abigail Esther Edmund.. :D

My adik and me..


Charles Tan said...

U sure u get her name spelt correctly john? hahahaa :P

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

haha.. some how you'll check my post for spelling errors.. haha.. but true la tersilap spell Esther.. :P

Charles Tan said...

eh, eh, i din check la.. i was being sarcastic bcz last time u tried to spell her name, you weren't sure! hahaha XD

mana tau u betul2 tersilap this time?? :P

but since u mentioned about checking i think got one (haha!) here's to help:
'confirm' - to verify
'conform' - to obey

ps: dried strawberries k? ^^

John Emmanuel Edmund said...

no prob.. hehe.. :D..

i still can have errors.. haih~

Jim said...

lol dude everyone in the family looks a wee bit different. ;) happy birthday everyone! :D

joe said...

hey hey. thought i'd drop by. hehe. how's life?