Friday, September 26, 2008



Today is my sis birthday.. I called her at night but couldn't get through.. So I left her a sms wishing her "Happy Birthday sis!".. After few hours she replied me " thanz bro! i just after futsal".. Haih~.. Your birthday also celebrate by playing futsal.. Every where every time futsal.. haha.. Anyways "Happy 18th Birthday!!!.." May God bless you lot lot.. I no need to say, conform you're having fun there.. See ya in JB soon.. I belanja makan enough dy kan.. :P

My cool sister..
Abigail Esther Edmund.. :D

My adik and me..

Before Day 1..

Hey guys,

It's Friday and mid-sem break is here FINALLY.. A well awaited holiday from all the studying, deadlines, FYP and blah blah blah.. I have about 11 lecture-free days to refresh myself and catch up on what ever work that needs to be done..I was suppose to join COP gang for McD Supper last night but couldn't because I had HRM questionnaire and interview questions to complete which I have just only completed.. haha.. last day still got work to do.. haih~

It's exactly 24 hours more to Cameron Church Camp for fun, relax and fellowship blah blah blah.. hehe.. "Before day 1".. I still haven't have the mood to pack yet. .My bag is still empty, maybe tonight only I'll start and I'll end up just chucking all my clothes in the bag and pick what to wear there.. haha.. Kinda lazy to pack when I come to think of it.. Since I don't have any clothes at home I'll have no choice and still have to pack for JB anyways..

Before I forget I wana wish Happy Holidays to all and to my Muslim friends an early "Selamat Hari Raya!!.." :D

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Happy Birthday to...

Hey you all,

Today is Robert's birthday.. Happy 21st Birthday Robert !!!.. May God bless your life tremendously.. :D

Suthan, Robert, Me, Charles..
The latest picture I could find of Robert..


2 years ago.. Vin, Rob & Me..

Just eat the cake Robert.. hehe..

Robert Harjoni Periera..
Oh man!!.. haha..
Happy Birthday !!!..

Open Book Test..


I'm finally done with tests and all for this week.. Got 1 more tho this Thursday, ADS lab test which shouldn't be much of a problem.. hehe.. I just finish 2 tests, KMD yesterday and KMT today morning.. Yesterday test was so so only and I thought today's KMT test would be much better since it was an open book test but how I was mistaken.. haha.. oh man!! Cant do ar.. Who ever said open book tests was any easier to begin with?? Please do understand the reason why is it open book and of course which lecturer will base their questions from the book..

I was staring at the question for so long, flipping through every single lecture notes and text book but to no avail.. NOTHING.. The lecturer looking at all of us with pity decided to extend the test for another 30 mins.. Since everyone's paper was empty she thought 30 mins more would help.. haha.. I was thinking to myself "does this help".. It kinda did.. I was able to use skills from crapology 101.. haha.. Most of students now days are equipped with this skill.. Trust me somehow for some paper you all already used this skill.. True or not?.. :P

Saturday, September 20, 2008



1 week more till mid-sem break plus cant wait for church camp.. Cant wait to go Cameron for some original honey.. hehe..

I miss my Honey.. :(

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Student kena FFK..


Today is a beautiful and wonderful day in UTP.. The management decided to FFK the students.. Most of the EXPECTED 2009 graduates were waiting for half an hour and only to find out that the meeting was canceled..

The announcement was posted in the UTP website at 2 something I guess and how are we suppose to know it's canceled when all of us are gathered at Chancellor.. haih~ The announcement to have this meeting also was posted so sudden and posted on the UTP website.. Who's check the UTP website anyway?? Management also know how to FFK dy la..

FFK is short for FONG FEI KEI (I think thats the spelling la :) and it means.. haha.. don't know how to explain.. :D

Friday, September 12, 2008

Where's the Rain?..

Hey people,

I finally got a chance to blog after this hectic week.. The weather is so super duper hot right now.. Where's the rain when you want it?? Each time I go out of my room to cafe or somewhere I'll come back sweating.. haih~ Then what to do go and bath again and again.. I haven slept in like more then a day dy due to finishing up projects and assignments and when I'm finally done with those I cant fall a sleep.. So here I am blogging about how hot it is.. :)

Now for two overdue birthday posts.. First "Happy Birthday!!!" Hazman..

5 Dinamik year 2004

William, the birthday boy :p, Jesse, James

Next birthday wishes goes out to Isaac which is actually today the 12th.. I'm late but still in time.. That all for now you guys.. Wana replace this weeks' sleep, if its possible la.. :D haha..

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

One Tree Hill


How have you guys been so far? It's week 8 and there is 2 more week++ to go till Raya break.. Cant wait!!!.. Just finish most of my tests last week.. This week is all about reaching the deadlines for assignments, project and FYP.. HRM Assignment, Corporate Ethics Assignment(more like a project man..), Advance Database Project 1, FYP Progress Report and FYP Seminar all on the 12th, Friday.. Short summary of my deadline week..

One more thing.. One Tree Hill is back.. yeah!! Kinda late la to be excited about it since it started screening few days ago.. But I got to watch my favorite back in action, BROOKE..

I especially like the 1st episode of season 6.. I was kinda surprise when Brooke and Lucas was married in the beginning of the episode.. But then "ohhh okie!!".. haha.. I think everyone already knew who LUCAS called at the airport to get hitched with him at Vegas.. who else other then PEYTON.. The saying true love lasts forever, or does it really?? I would like to believe it does.. :)

Cant wait for the next episode to see them again.. hehe.. Got to get ready for KMT quiz in the morning.. Till next time.. tata.. :)

Monday, September 8, 2008

A SECRET to Living Forever

Hello again people,

I should share this SECRET with you all, I'll be kinda selfish if I don't.. So read this..

Therefore we do not lose heart..
Though outwardly we are wasting away,
yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day..

For our light and momentary troubles are achieving,
for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all..

So we fix our eyes not on what is seen,
but on what is unseen..
For what is seen is temporary,
but what is unseen is eternal..

2 Corint 4:16-18

So now all of you have the SECRET to eternal life.. :)

Skills: Driving License

Hey you all,

I found something funny when I was helping my roomie find an intership placement online.. What's so funny is the company's job specification section of the job ad..

Click to get a better view

I was searching for placement anywhere in M'sia, Mechanical Engineering, Internship and this is the result of the search.. haha.. "Skill: Driving License".. My sis also can apply la I guess.. My younger and only sister.. :)

Friday, September 5, 2008

XOXO is back

Hey people,

Gossip Girls is back again.. I just watched the 1st episode of season 2 with my roomie.. The 1st episode picked up from where it left off in season 1.. The characters looked as gorgeous and charming as they were before.. haha..

In the finale, D broke up with S, S dam blur and wondering wth is going on, N going through his family stuff, B stood up by C at the airport, C is just good at being C, J was alone , E came out and told everyone his gay.. haha.. So for episode 1 you'll have to watch yourself and find out what happens next.. Don't want to be a spoiler la..:)

the cast for season 2

my favorite couple

haih~ Chuck and Blair

Jenny's growing up..:)

My tests all are over for now.. Next is assignments, projects and FYP week.. Don't wana talk about it & stress myself out now.. Wana take a break a while going Ipoh to lepak lepak.. :) Plan to watch "Money No Enough 2" so hope got tickets.. For the rest who are still having tests, GOOD LUCK!! to you..

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Fortune Tellers..

Hey guys & gals,

I have just finish two tests yesterday, E-Commerce and Human Resource Management (HRM - for those who don't know the meaning of HRM.. haha..) and I have one more which is Corporate Ethics tomorrow which has only one test and it's 20% of CW marks.. Crazy ar heavy weightage man.. Pressure pressure to do well for this.. I have one day to prepare and I'm not feeling well now some more running nose and all.. :(

Ok.. back to the title "Fortune Tellers".. Fortune-telling is the practice of predicting the future, usually of an individual, through mystical or supernatural means and often for commercial gain.. from wikipedia.. haha..

So what happen was that in class while having our case study discussion in groups.. I meet some fortune tellers.. Wait wait.. Btw the topic for that class was about "Privacy".. haha.. Our group discussion became to a fortune telling session instead..

Marina and Inarm were speaking Thai and Malini became our translator.. Credit to Charles and his iPhone for these pictures.. One by one the girls future was told.. haha.. But it was very very funny la in class.. Anyway I don't believe in this fortune telling thingy.. How they can read your palm and tell you your whole life ahead of you.. hahaha.. I think it's crapology 101.. :) No offense to anyone.. A random picture in class which has nothing to do with fortune tellers..

footwear from our group of 7.. :)

Note: Disclaimer: They are note actually fortune tellers la.. But they can give you "a run for your money"..

Monday, September 1, 2008

Happy Birthday Papa!!..


nd Sept) is my dad's birthday.. I wana wish him a "Happy Birthday" here.. Sorry got no birthday card this year.. :( So I cover balik by blogging yea.. Hope you like it..

Papa for you:
He shall be like a tree
Planted by the rivers of water,

That bring forth its fruit in its seasons,

Whose leaf also shall not wither.

And whatever he does shall prosper.
Psalm 1:3

"Wishing you a wonderful and memorable birthday.. May papa's birthday be filled with many super duper pleasant surprises.."

Here are some pictures of my dad.. Couldn't find many pictures with just him in it..

My Dad..

Dad and Mom..

Dad and Mom again.. :)

Dad and Mom somemore..

My dad is how many years old? Not going to tell his age here la.. hahaha.. Try to guess his age and see if you can.. :)


Hello people,

On Sat i watched Babylon at Jusco.. The night before merdeka!! huhu.. HAPPY 51st INDEPENDENTS DAY MALAYSIA.. It wasn't surprising that the cinemas was not full, the crown was off celebrating merdeka I guess.. Now for some short movie review..

Back to Babylon, the movie was so so la.. I would give it 3 stars out of 5.. The plot was so predictable for me lah maybe cause I watch too much of movies dy.. haha.. :D Other then that the only thing that was cool was the touch map.. I guess for those who watch it would understand what I'm talking about.. You know like on an iPhone u touch to navigate through but in the movie this touch technology was on a map.. I don't know if that actually exist yet but it was cool.. :)

Check out this website guys -

I was a memorable night for me.. A well planned night out.. I'll blog about that some other time when I get the pictures.. Now wana continue studying.. I have 3 test this week and 1 presentation and maybe my FYP seminar also.. Anyway it's 3 am the time I usually blog..