Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Overdue Post.. Convo..

Hey people,

First of all I'll blog about Convo which was last Friday to Sunday.. It's almost 1 week since I blogged and Convo is kinda old news dy.. hehe.. What to do busy with project, assignments and tests.. Finally I'm a bit free and got some breathing space for NOW.. No deadlines tomorrow.. :)

I managed to takes pictures with some graduating seniors on Convo last week..

Guna & I

Vin, Arlzev & Me

COP ppl with Zeta

Jesse, Me, Dang, Melissa, Elvina

Actually there are many more seniors who graduated this year.. But I don't have their pictures right now.. Congratz seniors!! Chandran, Guna, Ravi, Shri, Dang, Zeta, Leo, Arlzev, Bismo and many many more.. :)

Wish you guys and gals all the best in the future.. It's a small small world anyway conform we'll bump into each other one day..

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