Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday Night McD

Hey u all,

Its 3am.. My time of the day to study and do assignments and anything else.. Blogging also included dy in the anything else category..

On Saturday night after prayer meet, we drove the van to Ipoh church.. Vinod drove his car with Stella & Olivia and I drove the van with Mel.. After returning the van we went to McD!! yeah!! Kinda long time didn't go there dy.. Anyways it has been a while since I last just lepak in Ipoh..

What to eat??

Try to guess who ate which.. :)

The very hungry drivers..

The equally hungry passengers..

The mountain of fries..

Then makan makan and chit chat till 3 something kot. Vin drove back and I slept for the whole journey I think.. I wake oni reach UTP main gate.. Oh ya! Forgot to update about the Convo Futsal that morning..

I found out my team name.. Its "Johan Bola Sepak" - stop laughing k.. No picture now though.. Hurm.. My team name is Johan Bola Sepak but did we actually become "Johan" Bola Sepak.. HAHA.. Qualified from the group stage with 4 wins & 1 draw but pathetically lost in the 2nd round.. haih~ Result - all dreaming in the game.. Lesson learned - don't "nap" all before the 2nd round.. Tiring but it was a good experience..

Met a lot people and they keep asking me "John x g intern ke??" or "I thought your having your intern now" FYI I just got back from internship and I'm taking BIS course.. hehe.. :) I guess I know why they keep asking me.. Most of them keep seeing me in UTP most of the weekends last sem I guess.. haha..


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