Wednesday, August 6, 2008


On sunday I went for the Passion concert with Isaac, Melissa, Michelle & Jack.
We drove down to KL after breakfast. Reach Sunway around 12. We walked
around aimlessly at Sunway until 5 something.

Went to the conventional center for the concert. Had trouble confusion finding
the person holding our tickets. Then the queue was very long but we managed
to sneak in between all thanks to Jack's brother. So we got good seat for the
concert, could see the band on stage.

Oh ya.. Some more had to defend 9 seats for our other UTP friends for about 20
mins with only 6 of us there. The concert was awesome. I'm not going 2 explain
anything about the concert here. You guys can click on this link to know how
fun was this concert. One thing I'll laugh about
always is "FRUITCAKE".

Then after concert as usual I guess. Off to Murni. I call it some high class mamak.
Makan makan eat eat talk talk then left for UTP. Reach UTP about 3. All of us had
classes in the morning. :)

I'll upload the pictures next time when I get them.

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