Saturday, August 9, 2008

From Treasure Hunt ---> 8 to 5 Workshop

Hello there,

Yes you all.. I have class tomorrow morning from 8 to 5.. Yeah! So happy.. Ya right!! hehe.. The funny thing is that tomorrow is a Saturday.. I cant believe I have class on a Sat.. It's a workshop for creating a business plan.. Why I need to go I got not idea but have to attend it anyways, got some marks..

I was suppose to join the Convo Fair Treasure Hunt tomorrow with Isaac, Felix and Mich.. It would have been our 1st and last treasure hunt before we all grad but what to do.. Felix and I have the same business plan workshop tomorrow.. Sad2.. :( What was suppose to be a fun weekend turn out to be a bummer.. Instead a total 360 from a whole day of fun and adventure to a whole day of brain draining workshop..

Hopefully tomorrow they prepare some breakfast or tea breaks for us.. This is the only good outcome I can think off, for now till the workshop tomorrow.. Some more now I'm broke dy, so are all other UTPian.. hehe:) It's the 8th and we still haven receive our scholar yet.. Very very late man.. All have to budget with everything.. Anyone knows when we'll be receiving our scholar money?


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