Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Convo = Rain = Cool Weather


The weather has been great this past few days.. It so cold now and very nice to sleep.. Cant sleep that long anyway.. Got 8am class, thats like 5 hours away oni.. I'm kinda free at least for these few hours.. :) Finally completed my prelim report which I delay until last minute as usual..

My FYP title.. haha..

Still have a hectic week ahead of me.. 2 test, few assignment and a project due next week.. Cant really enjoy the Convo weekend.. Convo fair this year not going to be that fun dy I guess.. :(

There are some improvements with the Convo fair this year.. 1st it's on the tar road.. haha.. NO more walking in the mud and getting our legs all dirty and stuff.. For those who don't know it rains every year for Convo.. So no surprise this year.. 2nd its just opposite my room.. haha.. I guess the nearest block to the Convo fair..

Cant actually believe 1 year from now it'll be my turn for Convo.. How time flies!!.. Busy semester with 7 subjects(including FYP) specializing in both KM and E-Business.. Cari pasal oni :D.. haha..


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