Friday, August 15, 2008

Convo Fair Futsal..

Hey friends,

It's 3 am.. Internet connection kinda fast right now.. The only time of the day I guess.. Just got back from futsal practice.. Very very tiring man haven played in a long time.. 2 hours 3 teams..
Preparing for Convo Fair Futsal Tournament on Saturday, standard la last minute preparation with new team members.. My blog kinda boring without pictures la.. haha.. no camera to snap here snap there..

There goes my Saturday sleeping session.. The whole day at Sport Planet Ipoh.. So far, what I know is that there are 48 teams in 8 groups and starts from 9am until night.. I don't even know my team name yet.. hahaha.. :D Wish us luck!! I'm using my favorite jersey no.. Most of you know it dy..

One more thing.. Help me decide what colour should I dye my hair.. Just vote on the left side there.. :) Now got to continue with my assignments dy.. Just to keep ya updated..


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