Friday, August 8, 2008

So Slow..

Hello people,

I 'm not the only one complaining about the internet connection in UTP. :) Trust me.. Anyone owning a computer/laptop has already complain about it. Being a final year student, there are a lot of research that needs to be done. How la going to do this research all. It takes about 15 mins kot sometimes for a page to load. Too many people accessing at the same time. haih~

Waiting for this bar 2 be full right.. I can even go for dinner and back and
still find the page loading.. Go jog and back also.. haha.. Dam Lembab wei..
I guess all UTP citizens will agree with this.

I can only get fast access after 2 onward. I mean 2 am la. I can say that's the most productive time of my whole day. I get my assignments and research done at this time. The best time for me. Very quite and peaceful some more. Oh ya.. and the weather this so cooling. :) So now in the midsts of researching I got some time to update my blog. Not actually an update but more like complaining about the internet connection. :P


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