Friday, August 29, 2008



Its 3am as usual my blogging time.. I wana intro you all to Annoying.. Someone gave this to me so that I wont be so stress when looking at it.. haha.. Kinda helps sometimes.. I name it Annoying cause it looks annoying.. Simple.. hehe.. :)

This is Annoying..

Closer view of Annoying..

Okie you guys.. Wana go sleep now.. :P

Thursday, August 28, 2008

An Overdue Post.. Convo..

Hey people,

First of all I'll blog about Convo which was last Friday to Sunday.. It's almost 1 week since I blogged and Convo is kinda old news dy.. hehe.. What to do busy with project, assignments and tests.. Finally I'm a bit free and got some breathing space for NOW.. No deadlines tomorrow.. :)

I managed to takes pictures with some graduating seniors on Convo last week..

Guna & I

Vin, Arlzev & Me

COP ppl with Zeta

Jesse, Me, Dang, Melissa, Elvina

Actually there are many more seniors who graduated this year.. But I don't have their pictures right now.. Congratz seniors!! Chandran, Guna, Ravi, Shri, Dang, Zeta, Leo, Arlzev, Bismo and many many more.. :)

Wish you guys and gals all the best in the future.. It's a small small world anyway conform we'll bump into each other one day..

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Convo = Rain = Cool Weather


The weather has been great this past few days.. It so cold now and very nice to sleep.. Cant sleep that long anyway.. Got 8am class, thats like 5 hours away oni.. I'm kinda free at least for these few hours.. :) Finally completed my prelim report which I delay until last minute as usual..

My FYP title.. haha..

Still have a hectic week ahead of me.. 2 test, few assignment and a project due next week.. Cant really enjoy the Convo weekend.. Convo fair this year not going to be that fun dy I guess.. :(

There are some improvements with the Convo fair this year.. 1st it's on the tar road.. haha.. NO more walking in the mud and getting our legs all dirty and stuff.. For those who don't know it rains every year for Convo.. So no surprise this year.. 2nd its just opposite my room.. haha.. I guess the nearest block to the Convo fair..

Cant actually believe 1 year from now it'll be my turn for Convo.. How time flies!!.. Busy semester with 7 subjects(including FYP) specializing in both KM and E-Business.. Cari pasal oni :D.. haha..


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Simple & Innocent but so much meaning..


Monday, August 18, 2008

Saturday Night McD

Hey u all,

Its 3am.. My time of the day to study and do assignments and anything else.. Blogging also included dy in the anything else category..

On Saturday night after prayer meet, we drove the van to Ipoh church.. Vinod drove his car with Stella & Olivia and I drove the van with Mel.. After returning the van we went to McD!! yeah!! Kinda long time didn't go there dy.. Anyways it has been a while since I last just lepak in Ipoh..

What to eat??

Try to guess who ate which.. :)

The very hungry drivers..

The equally hungry passengers..

The mountain of fries..

Then makan makan and chit chat till 3 something kot. Vin drove back and I slept for the whole journey I think.. I wake oni reach UTP main gate.. Oh ya! Forgot to update about the Convo Futsal that morning..

I found out my team name.. Its "Johan Bola Sepak" - stop laughing k.. No picture now though.. Hurm.. My team name is Johan Bola Sepak but did we actually become "Johan" Bola Sepak.. HAHA.. Qualified from the group stage with 4 wins & 1 draw but pathetically lost in the 2nd round.. haih~ Result - all dreaming in the game.. Lesson learned - don't "nap" all before the 2nd round.. Tiring but it was a good experience..

Met a lot people and they keep asking me "John x g intern ke??" or "I thought your having your intern now" FYI I just got back from internship and I'm taking BIS course.. hehe.. :) I guess I know why they keep asking me.. Most of them keep seeing me in UTP most of the weekends last sem I guess.. haha..


Sunday, August 17, 2008

Friday, August 15, 2008

Friend Test..


I'm kinda bored now.. Its a Friday night and I'm doing assignments.. :( Tired of doing assignment dy for now..


Convo Fair Futsal..

Hey friends,

It's 3 am.. Internet connection kinda fast right now.. The only time of the day I guess.. Just got back from futsal practice.. Very very tiring man haven played in a long time.. 2 hours 3 teams..
Preparing for Convo Fair Futsal Tournament on Saturday, standard la last minute preparation with new team members.. My blog kinda boring without pictures la.. haha.. no camera to snap here snap there..

There goes my Saturday sleeping session.. The whole day at Sport Planet Ipoh.. So far, what I know is that there are 48 teams in 8 groups and starts from 9am until night.. I don't even know my team name yet.. hahaha.. :D Wish us luck!! I'm using my favorite jersey no.. Most of you know it dy..

One more thing.. Help me decide what colour should I dye my hair.. Just vote on the left side there.. :) Now got to continue with my assignments dy.. Just to keep ya updated..


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Too Busy..


Just a short post today.. Quite busy with assignments and preparing for tests and of course FYP!!.. Drop by to say..

All the best for your tests, quizzes, assignments, projects.. :)

God is our refuge & strength, an ever present help in trouble..
psalm 46:1



Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Durian Durian

Hello Friends,

I have been a bit busy lately and going to be more busy soon with all the assignments and projects and fyp stuff.. Wo.. So much work and so little time.. Got few tests and quizzes creeping around the corner.. Cant complain much, my work is to study only some more.. Life as a full time student..

Oh ya.. Before i forget about Durian Durian.. hehe.. Suddenly my roommate and I got some crazy craving for durians since before scholar entered. What to do that time no money, so now got dy.. What else.. Tomorrow going "jalan jalan cari durian" So hope can find some good durians anywhere.. If Aaron knows about this trip, conform he wana follow wan.. Sorry Aaron cant bring you along this time, if not no more durians for me to eat ar.. :)
p.s : FYI Aaron is a crazy durian lover..

This is something which I would like to share and really encouraged me a lot. Tomorrow starting CG .. yeah!

Trust in the LORD with all your heart,
and lean not on your own understanding; in all your ways acknowledge him,
and he will make your paths straight.
Proverbs 3: 5-6


Saturday, August 9, 2008

From Treasure Hunt ---> 8 to 5 Workshop

Hello there,

Yes you all.. I have class tomorrow morning from 8 to 5.. Yeah! So happy.. Ya right!! hehe.. The funny thing is that tomorrow is a Saturday.. I cant believe I have class on a Sat.. It's a workshop for creating a business plan.. Why I need to go I got not idea but have to attend it anyways, got some marks..

I was suppose to join the Convo Fair Treasure Hunt tomorrow with Isaac, Felix and Mich.. It would have been our 1st and last treasure hunt before we all grad but what to do.. Felix and I have the same business plan workshop tomorrow.. Sad2.. :( What was suppose to be a fun weekend turn out to be a bummer.. Instead a total 360 from a whole day of fun and adventure to a whole day of brain draining workshop..

Hopefully tomorrow they prepare some breakfast or tea breaks for us.. This is the only good outcome I can think off, for now till the workshop tomorrow.. Some more now I'm broke dy, so are all other UTPian.. hehe:) It's the 8th and we still haven receive our scholar yet.. Very very late man.. All have to budget with everything.. Anyone knows when we'll be receiving our scholar money?


Friday, August 8, 2008

So Slow..

Hello people,

I 'm not the only one complaining about the internet connection in UTP. :) Trust me.. Anyone owning a computer/laptop has already complain about it. Being a final year student, there are a lot of research that needs to be done. How la going to do this research all. It takes about 15 mins kot sometimes for a page to load. Too many people accessing at the same time. haih~

Waiting for this bar 2 be full right.. I can even go for dinner and back and
still find the page loading.. Go jog and back also.. haha.. Dam Lembab wei..
I guess all UTP citizens will agree with this.

I can only get fast access after 2 onward. I mean 2 am la. I can say that's the most productive time of my whole day. I get my assignments and research done at this time. The best time for me. Very quite and peaceful some more. Oh ya.. and the weather this so cooling. :) So now in the midsts of researching I got some time to update my blog. Not actually an update but more like complaining about the internet connection. :P


Wednesday, August 6, 2008


On sunday I went for the Passion concert with Isaac, Melissa, Michelle & Jack.
We drove down to KL after breakfast. Reach Sunway around 12. We walked
around aimlessly at Sunway until 5 something.

Went to the conventional center for the concert. Had trouble confusion finding
the person holding our tickets. Then the queue was very long but we managed
to sneak in between all thanks to Jack's brother. So we got good seat for the
concert, could see the band on stage.

Oh ya.. Some more had to defend 9 seats for our other UTP friends for about 20
mins with only 6 of us there. The concert was awesome. I'm not going 2 explain
anything about the concert here. You guys can click on this link to know how
fun was this concert. One thing I'll laugh about
always is "FRUITCAKE".

Then after concert as usual I guess. Off to Murni. I call it some high class mamak.
Makan makan eat eat talk talk then left for UTP. Reach UTP about 3. All of us had
classes in the morning. :)

I'll upload the pictures next time when I get them.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

1st Blog

Dear readers,

This is my 1st blog.. So actually I got no idea what to blog about now.
I blog again I guess when I have the time and I find something to blog about.

Now the clock shows 5.52 am, I just only fin KMT assignment which is due
later evening. I cant sleep dy, I have class in 2 hours time only.

This is a pointless story.. :) Till my next time..